Pilgrim Village

Established in 1961, this is a homeowners community of 170 homes in Bainbridge Township, OH. The community amenities include Lake Taylor and a pavilion.


The HOA Pilgrim Village board is called The Lake Colony Boardconfusing, yes. The reason is that the original conception for the community included two lakes, a second to the northeast of Lake Taylor. Some Google maps still show the second lake which never existed. The board was to have included both lakes in the original design.

History.  The development is located just off of State Route 306 (Chillicothe Road), south of the Route 422 exchange, and north of Taylor May Road which is named for the two farms on each end from which land the development was created.

Pilgrim Lake Colony, Inc. is the legal corporation of Pilgrim Village. Homeowners in Pilgrim Village must purchase capital stock of this Corporation in order to have all rights and privileges assigned to those who live in the Pilgrim Village community. A Board of Directors is elected, according to by-laws, to govern and oversee all official business of the Corporation.

This is a private site created by a homeowner for homeowners in 2012-13. It has no connection with the HOA board, but was the first professional  website for Pilgrim Village. Information on this site cannot be taken as official nor as up-to-date. See the Official board site at: https://pilgrimvillage.co/

Pilgrim Village members in good standing who wish to use the Pavilion should see the official board site.

Cleveland Press 8-page Ad to sell the start-up homes at Pilgrim Village in 1962/3

Thank you Gil Brundjar for this fascinating piece of history!

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